The HELP Fellowship is designed to operate in two stages. First stage is the fellowship: a four-month programme dedicated to inauguration and training. Second stage is the membership: mentorship and continuous personal development.


Innovation in Leadership and Leadership in Innovation are explored on different fronts

Structure HELP

The Training or Fellowship stage is made up of 3 phases. Over the course of the 3 months fellowship programme, participants will have two in-person gatherings — in July and in October, 2018.



First In-Person Convening

The first phase of the training stage.

HELP Structure

Participants will be immersed in an intensive and participatory training with global experts

This is the inaugural session. All participants will gather to participate in theme speeches, lectures, and demonstrations. It will involve training in leadership, innovation and creativity. Training will cover theoretical and practical contexts with a demonstration of hands-on skills. Case studies will be discussed. The aim of this phase is to equip participants with the necessary skills to master these four stages of value creation before they commence the capstone projects: identify a problem, design an appropriate intervention, execute it, and scale it up.

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The HELP Challenge

The second phase of the training stage.

HELP Challenge Structure

Participants get into the field to identify and provide innovative solutions to problems

This is an online/ offline project stage. Participants are grouped in project teams. This has two tracks. Participants are to choose a track of their choice where they will provide sustainable solutions to a present-day societal challenge in capstone projects. The projects in each track are assigned by the Fellowship programme. The tracks include:

– Institutional Track: Teams are linked to institutions to solve their most difficult challenges using innovation. Here, they will be using innovative approaches to provide solutions.

– Inventive Track:  Teams are given a challenge to solve through innovation. They are expected to create proprietary technologies, to provide solutions to societal challenges up to the minimum viable product (MVP) stage. These innovative solutions are further presented to  the Fellowship and stakeholders for further development and commercialization.

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Second In-Person Convening

The third phase of the training stage.

Participants receive more follow-up industry-based trainings, present their innovative concepts, and get inducted as HELPers

The second in-person gathering marks the conclusion of the programme. It will include theme lectures, speeches, panel sessions, and workshops. The aim is to equip participants with knowledge and skills relevant in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. They will provide feedback based on their experiences in the Challenge/ Field stage.

It is the induction session – a week of events and the high-point of the HELP Fellowship. At this stage, participants gather for induction as fellows and presentation of capstone projects. Workshops, plenary, job fairs, and feedback sessions are conducted.

The hallmark of this stage is an alumni get-together, presentation of awards, and the Innovate4Nigeria Pitch Challenge.

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This is the stage where fellows emerge to become innovation influencers.

The second stage is the membership stage. The HELP Fellow has a life-long membership. This membership comes with some benefits:

  • Annual in-person gathering of champions to exchange ideas and discuss value creation
  • Membership to the fastest growing network of excellent leaders
  • Access to mentors
  • Opportunity to mentor young excellent minds
  • Participate in job fairs of leading global companies in Nigeria
  • Acquire skills to be an innovation leader through continuing professional education
  • Career counseling from global career experts
The HELP Fellow